Photo|Yakou Piaose Parade and Food Carnival kicks off in Zhongshan

On June 23rd, the Yakou Piaose Parade and Food Carnival was held in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. The event, which spans three days, showcases the Yakou Piaose Intangible Cultural Heritage, a vibrant food market, and the Rice Dream China Chic Market, highlighting the rich cultural heritage, local cuisine, and coastal scenery.

Piaose is an ancient folk-art form that combines elements of drama, magic, acrobatics, music, and dance. It originated in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties in Guangdong, China. Today, it remains an important art form in the southern region of China. Piao refers to floating or soaring, showcasing the beauty of aerial movements, while se (originally meaning decoration) refers to the elaborate and clever disguises used. In the context of Piaose, a group of people push a beautifully decorated"colorful board" with fixed and arranged character figures in artistic poses.

Yakou Piaose Parade originated from the Tang Dynasty's"Shuapusa (Buddha-playing)" ritual customs and has a history of over300 years, dating back to the Qianlong era of the Qing Dynasty. In2008, it was included in the national intangible cultural heritage list. This year's Yakou Piaose Parade kicked off on June23rd with the sound of gongs. Dozens of beautifully adorned boards paraded through the streets, each displaying vibrant colors and elegant designs. The flowing skirts and captivating stories of the boards added a touch of enchantment. Front boards, front gongs, silk parasols, and flags were adorned with intricate Cantonese embroidery, complementing the melodious tunes played by the traditional music band. Dragon dance and lion dance, as well as various folk dances and acrobatics, took turns captivating the audience, attracting tens of thousands of citizens and tourists.

Furthermore, the food market featured over30 booths, inviting local renowned chefs to showcase a variety of Cuiheng's distinctive delicacies, including the signature"Zhishan Clay-pot Rice". The Rice Dream China Chic Market combined elements of China Chic and ancient aesthetics, with over200 Hanfu (traditional clothing of the Chinese Han majority) enthusiasts dressed in traditional attire, creating an immersive experience and photo opportunities.





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